The Westermill Herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle was started back in the early 90's with only a handful of cows and a bull.

Since then we have slowly improved the herd and built it up to 85 breed cows.

We are a now a closed herd, breeding all our own replacements.

We keep select bulls from the pedigree cows for our own use as well as selling others, mainly to dairy farmers to cover their heifer replacements.

All the steers are either finished on the farm or sold through Farm Mark to a finisher, who then sells them to Dovecote Park and on to Waitrose.

The heifer calves are either sold as weaned calves or kept on and sold as bulling heifers.

Most of all the heifers we breed here go as herd replacements thoughout the South West of England and as far as the South of France.
We have found Exmoor the ideal area for breeding Angus cattle.

Westermill Farm, Exford, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 7NJ.
Tel: 01463 831216 - Mob: 07970594808